Faq - Home Loan

Home loan eligibility depends on different factors for example age, debt repayment history and income majorly. This criteria is varying with all bank, government, corporation and other entity. But, before taking loan from anywhere first need to evaluate current financial situation and determine how much money you can easily shell out every month.

  1. Documents require for Home loan-
  2. Signed Application form with a photograph
  3. Residence proof
  4. Bank statements from the last six months
  5. Property documents
For salaried:
  1. Salary slips (last three months)
  2. Form 16
For- self employed:
  1. Income Tax Returns for the last three years with the income computation
  2. Balance sheet and Profit and Loss account (CA certified or audited) for the last three years

Before taking loan, it is important to find out how much you will be spending each month on your Home loan EMIs. Don't worry our Home loan EMI calculator will help you calculate your EMI.

The rate of interest on your Home loan can have a major impact on your EMIs and your total out flow. It will be best to take loan with a fixed interest rate

Compare loan prepayments terms and different charges for example: processing fee that charged by the lenders before finalization.


Based on your previous borrowing and repayment credit history.